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Letter to the Catholics

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As you know and probably deeply deplore is the fact, that despite hopes Pope Benedict XVI did not implement any clear measures toward renewal of the faith. This renewal is commonly understood as introducing more liberties: recognition of women priests, embracing protestantism as equal, lifting of celebacy, sexual freedom etc.

However important this all may be, it passed over the fundamental questions concerning the faith. The point is, that if the foundation is rotten, you can build impressive new floors, still the house sooner or later will collapse. "Back to basics" thus isn't just a metaphore, it is a matter of life or death.....

This time I will elaborate on a sensitive issue: the assumption that "God is Father". Despite the fact that "God cannot be defined" (Ratzinger), the common practice of calling God "Father" hasn't ceased. On the contrary: Bible, Eucharist, the Canon, yes, the entire Church history is unmistakenbly patriarchal.

Thus it was a surprise to hear from Pope John Paul I his innovative assertion: "God is Father, and even more, He is Mother". Many certainly would have thought that this was a "slip of the tongue" just a private opinion of a exceptional pontiff. It wasn't. In 1989, while in the plane Pope John Paul II confided to journalists "I am seeking the Eternal Feminine".

Later, while commenting on the "prodigal son" he said: "In embracing the son he (the father, image of God the Father) shows the profile of a mother".

Again the personal passion of a single pope? It also is. But it is more than that. If John Paul says "I am seeking", then he admits that something essential is missing in the teaching of the Church. Why not being satisfied with the glorious Mary   "Queen of Heaven?" for instance? No other faith is putting such an emphasis on the feminine, and still.....this his longing for the real thing.

Where John Paul publicly stresses the fact that he is suggests that he encourages others to go on with the quest. It is the papal authorization to explore the Unknown, not hindered by existing Church paradigms, dogma's and traditions. The Pope follows Jesus in being women-friendly in an outspoken way. It therefore originated from a true Christian Heart.

It means that John Paul II wanted the faith to become renewed from its very roots. It is as if Catholics always have sensed this feminine aspect of their Holy Father. It underlines the wholeness of a person, a pre-requisite for true wisdom. Unfortunately, the current Pope lacks this deepest insight about the nature of the Divine. It means, that we can leave him out of our investigations.

So we go on where John Paul II has stopped. In fact, the Eternal Feminine Herself did so already in 1977 where she revealed Herself to Her humble servant and through him to the world. Never before She lifted Her veil to a human being. Not through idea's, intuitions, images, visions, concepts, interpretations or other indirect means, no, it was through direct Realization that She granted him Her ultimate Wisdom...

These are the key insights

"The Ultimate isn't God, Light, Being or Buddha. There is Something Beyond, called the Vacuum, the Cosmic Womb or Great Mother"

Not "God created the world out of nothingness", but Nothingness is giving birth to God and the world, the latter continuously returning to their Origin

(PS. Everything comes from God, while He is coming from Nothingness!)
Celsus, 2. CE

"The Cosmic Womb governs the Universe through the dynamic equilibrium between "birth and death" i.e. "creation and destruction"

"The Vacuum is the Essence of the Mother, God is Her Light Body (first emanation), while the world is Her Material Body (second emanation)"

"Instead of representing the "Father" patriarchal religions are the alienated Sons of the Cosmic Mother, all denying their True Origin"

Catholics of the world. These statements may come as a shock to you. On the other hand they give you the breakthrough John Paul was hoping for. He is in Heaven now, so he knows that I am speaking the Truth. It provides you with a totally new foundation to your faith. From there all the other floors can be built, once again. Wasn't it Jesus, who said "behold, I make everything new?

Suddenly, everything falls into place. Life is born not created. That's why calling the Ultimate a Cosmic Womb or Great Mother is much closer to the Truth than calling it "father". Actually, God isn't the "Father but the Son".....Because indeed, as our intuition already knows: Light is born from Darkness. Embodied by...the Black Madonna's.They are thus  the highest in hierarchy.   It explains their enigma and attraction.

Now we can clearly see, how the Church in the course of time has tried to mislead its flock. It purposely created a "wortsalat" - a chaos of constructs - that totally lacks any direct link with reality. Another example is Jesus. Did it ever occur to you that one can only die into and resurrect from......Nothingness? And Nothingness as we now know is just another word for Cosmic Womb!  Praise the Mother for this insight!

Isn't our common sense confirming this? In the evening look up to the vault of heaven. Isn't the idea of a personal God in the sky alien to your own deeper intuitions? How simple and therefore liberating the vision of a Cosmic Womb giving birth to the Light as well as the universe! Something that is increasingly confirmed by modern physics, the latter postulating a Vacuum as the primordial Ground of all Life....

Han Marie Stiekema
Servant/Messenger to the Great Mother



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