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After 2000 years of oppression:

Big surprise: for several centuries He is dwelling at the heart of the Vatican
waitling for His rebirth...


Gate of the Vatican

Heraldics of the Popes

Upon entering Peter's square I got a shock: the eagle, symbol of power and oppression as symbol of the Popes. Repeated by the heraldics on the left side. What has this to do with Jesus?

Papal power......

This is what you see on churches LINK: e.g. Freiburg, Lucca, Perigieux, Chartres all over Europe: Ecclesial power crushing its pagan predessessors. To continuously emphasize the destruction of your "enemies" shows the inherent weakness of your faith. Deep down the Church fears the revival of the Original Tradition, the living pre-Christian religion  

Green Man crushed....

He cannot get enough of it: second statue

Papal hegemony over the original Great Mother (Shell/Womb) e.g. femininity

One of two fountains created by Bernini (17th century) with copies throughout Italy

This "GREEN MAN IS BACK!" postcard seize can be ordered

Bernini was a typical Catholic of his times. Superficially confirming his faith by intensive church visits, while deep within committed to Cosmic Insight. In front of St.Peter's Church he created his two fountains, expressing his own "heretical" wisdom. The basin symbolizes the Cosmic Womb, followed by Her two "emanations": the Divine as the first layer, the universe as the second. In between the last two are four Green Men, as symbols of the Divine Immanence in the world. Unbelievable and quite courageous too!  

Having been oppressed for 2000 years is no fun. It explains his suffering e.g. twisted face.....

Bernini's images are very much alive, authentic, powerful and express their emotions (anger!) in an uncompromising way. That is only possible if you are very committed to your art. Not only that: he for sure really knew the Green Man from within.

Second fountain. The Green Man a little difficult to see. On the postcard He is fully recognizable though

Day and night the eight Green Men of St.Peter's square are challenging the power claims of the Catholic Church. They are messengers of the Truth. Their energies are inexhaustible. Their time has come. 

Isn't he beautiful?  He is the Hopeful to the world

After my visit the Vatican will never be the same anymore


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