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"Before the gates of life can be opened, the ego must first be slain"
J.W. von Goethe


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Core problem of (wo)mankind is the alienation from its original, existential context: "Heaven, Earth and the Community"

Because of it, people are "thrown upon themselves""

Their existence is reduced to identification with their own self-image, also called ego

Deep within (wo)man knows, that this ego is just a "construction", therefore the ongoing exposure to existential insecurity

To tolerate this is difficult, hence seeking his refuge in overcompensation

He is blowing himself up, being is replaced by having, influence, ambition and power

Because no bounds are set on him, unbridled greed has become system ("Ego-Catastrophe"). We are standing before the abyss

Nowadays we experience the collapse of this bubble:  individually ("burn-out") and collectively (decay of society)

It culminates when "Big Brother" tries to get the whole world in its grip

He dreams of a "New World Order", in which all of (wo)mankind have degenerated ("gleichgeschaltet") into zombies - willing consume slaves

Step by step people get used to it - the addiction to the "virtual world" is just an example - so that (in the end) people surrender to the exploitative, addictive, technocratic, one-dimensional system without a murmur

In the depth of this crisis - what a miracle - the Cosmic Mother has revealed Herself (1977)

Since archaic times She is the "Cosmic Womb", which is giving birth to everything new, young, healthy and to whom everything old, sick, decaying is continuously returning

In physics She is called "Cosmic Vacuum", in Buddhism "Emptiness beyond Emptiness"

  Now we understand the "meaning" of individual and collective breakdown, it is Absolute Nothingness destroying the ego

This it does by retracting from him all possibility to identify himself again, something 2000 years of religion hasn't managed to achieve

At the same time the Cosmic Womb - also called "Holy Grail" - is the Cauldron of Regeneration, Renewal and Healing

She is giving uninterruptedly birth to both the Eternal Light ("God") and the universe

By cooperating with Her - through giving up our ego - our "True Self" is born

The Realization is, that deep in our soul we are Divine, something the church has vehemently opposed for 2000 years

This Rebirth is the most longed for New Beginning of our Western civilisation

Rather than self-centeredness - the blown-up ego - the True Self is granting us a New Identity


Something we were already, but didn't realize because of our obsession with our ego's

Like clear consciousness, wisdom, joy of life, inclusivity, connectedness, inner strength, enthusiasm, love, sovereignty, courage and commitment to the Whole

Once again we celebrate to be part of the Whole. Ego's inherent vulnerability, isolation and powerlessness, they forever belong to the past

With our Spirit we are part of the "Great Spirit", with our body part of the Earth and with our "soul" part of the (new) Community

From this new Unity insight, inspiration, vision and energy for our mission "Cosmic Mother HEALING the PLANET" is arising

Motto: "Healing yourself, healing each other, healing the world"

To those who are a reflection of the Cosmos, creating society in a "cosmocratic" way, to them the Cosmos is continuously available

These are the fundamentals of a New (Wo)Man creating a New World

"Big Brother" or Cosmic Mother, a "New World Order" or the Eternal Cosmos, this "battle" is resolved right from the beginning

The Eternal Realm of the Mother - the sacred Unity of Cosmos, Nature and (Wo)Man - which had never entirely disappeared, will triumph forever

We are part of Society
Society is part of the Earth
The Earth is part of the Universe
The Universe is part of the Divine
The Divine is part of the Cosmic Mother













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