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Hermitage * Einsiedelei * Kluizenarij
The SermeS welcomes you to his humble Sanctuary
The Home of the "We are Cosmos" CultureRenewalInitiative 
Das Zuhause der "Wir sind Kosmos" KulturErneuerungsInitiative 
Het Thuis van "Wij zijn Kosmos" CultuurVernieuwingsInitiatief


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Hermitage Gallery
Great Mother Gallery
Picture Gallery
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Lotus Flower Gallery
Mother Pilgrimage Gallery
Maitreya Buddha Gallery
Venus von Willendorf
Mythical Germany Gallery
Universal Shrine
Shrine Madonna
Black Madonna Gallery
Mary Devotion
Green Man Gallery
Green Man in Hollywood
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The Templars' True Secret

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the Grail Castle

Kromme Rijn River

He is living a simple life in unity
with the Cosmos.
People from all “corners, professions and positions”
come to his “Hermitage” for personal
Cosmic Advice and Guidance,
time and again amazing people
with “his” deep Wisdom

Estate Oud Amelisweerd

Our modest Hermitage * Unsere bescheidene Einsiedelei * Onze bescheiden Kluizenarij

The (mini) Zen Garden

Near Estate Amelisweerd/Utrecht * Along the "Kromme Rijn" river.
In der Nähe des Gutes "Amelisweerd"/Utrecht * Dem "Kromme Rijn" entlang.
Bij landgoed Amelisweerd/Utrecht * Langs de "Kromme Rijn".

Altar with inscription to the Roman/Celtic Goddess Viradecdis: "the One who honors Truth" (situated directly in front of our hermitage.....)


IMG_5625.jpg (9731 bytes)

Our provisionary * Unsere provisorische * Onze provisorische
Cosmic Mother Healing Shrine
Heilende Kosmische Mutter Schrein
Helende Kosmische Moeder Schrijn

Our Treasure
Sacred objects for taking home

Mini fabric "Cosmic Mother Healing Shrine"
Sacred Book "Origin" 1 & 2 (in German)
Sacred Book "Origin" 3 & 4 (in English)
Sacred Book "Origin" 5 & 6 (in Dutch)
Healing Black Stones
Guasha Green (Jade) Stones
Handbook Holisitic Health
"Flow System Therapy"

Guasha Jade Stones

Mini Wandkleid "Heilender Kosmische Mutter Schrein"
Sakralbuch "Origin" 1 & 2 (Deutsch)
Sakralbuch "Origin" 3 & 4 (Englisch)
Sakralbuch "Origin" 5 & 6 (Holländisch)
Heilende Schwarze Steine
Grüne (Jade) Guasha Steine
Handbuch Ganzheitsmedizin
"Flow System Therapy"

Mini wandkleed "Helende Kosmische
Sakraalboek 1 & 2 (in het Duits)
Sakraalboek 3 & 4 (in het Engels)
Sakraalboek "Origin" 5 & 6 (Nederlands)
Genezende Zwarte Stenen
Groene (Jade) Guasha steen
Handboek Integrale Geneeskunde
"Flow System Therapy"


Way Out of the MEGA-Crisis

"Origin" Sacred Book 1,2,3,4,5 & 6
Universal (Educational) Initiative

Our Expositions
Cosmic Mother

Black Primordial African Mother
Mother ("Venus") of Willendorf
Mother of Catal Hoyük
Cybele: Mother of the Gods
Chinese Queen Mother of the West
Dayak Great Mother (Borneo)
Kuan Yin (Buddhist)
Black Madonna's of Rocamadour and Montserrat

Black Primordial Mother

Green Men
More than 20 unique Green Man carvings from different corners of Europe
Maitreya Buddha statues

Some of the Green Men

For more images: see also our website:
"European Network of Green Men & Wise Women"
"Realm of the Mother"
(See index page)

meeting the/dem/de

Cosmic Guidance
Kosmische Begleitung
Kosmische Begeleiding

On individual basis
Auf individueller Basis
Op individuele basis

By (e-mail) appointment
Nach (e-mail) Vereinbarung
Vlg (e-mail) afspraak

For all your existential problems
Für all Ihre Lebensfragen

Voor al uw levensvragen

Concerns, worries, suffering, stress, fear, depression and burn-out

Sorgen, Leiden, Stress, Angst, Depression, Burn-Out

Problemen, zorgen, lijden, stress, angst, depressie, burn-out

On donation basis
Auf Spendenbasis
Op de basis van donaties

"We are Cosmos"
"Wir sind Kosmos"
"Wij zijn Kosmos"



Group Teaching
Gruppen Unterricht

To a maximum of 6 persons
Maximal 6 Personen
Maximaal 6 personen


"How the Cosmic Mother is healing the planet"

"Wie die Kosmische Mutter den Planeten heilt

"Hoe de Kosmische Moeder de planeet geneest"

On half day, day and weekend basis. Open to all. Special meetings for i.e. mothers, students, teachers, politicians, religious leaders....

Auf Halbtag, Tag und Wochenendbasis. Jeder ist willkommen. Spezielle Treffen für u.a. Mütter, Studenten, Lehrer, Politiker, religiöse Leiter usw......

Op halve dag, dag en weekendbasis. Open voor alle. Speciale bijeenkomsten voor o.a. moeders, studenten, leraren, politici, religieuzen.....

On donation basis
Auf Spendenbasis
Op de basis van donaties

Healing * Heilung * Genezing
Chinese Guasha Therapy
Stone Age Therapy for Modern (Wo)Man
Steinzeittherapie für den Modernen Menschen
Stenen Tijdperktherapie voor de Moderne Mens

Spiritual * Emotional * Physical
Spirituell * Emotional * Körperlich
Spiritueel * Emotioneel * Lichamelijk
Master drs MeiMei Yu
Integral Chinese Guasha Therapist

Special programs

Boosting brain function
Pain treatments
Facial Regeneration


Info & Contact SermeS
Info & Kontakt
Info& Contact

Info & Contact MeiMei
Info & Kontakt
Info& Contact

Our ancient heritage * Unser antikes Erbe * Onze antieke erfenis

How it looked like

More than 40 years I am "after" the Cosmic Mother. I visited many of Her places, e.g. in Phrygia (Her headquarters in Pessinus, both in Turkey, see "Anatolia"). Only very recently (2013) after having lived here for some 5 years I discovered that She was right "under us", excavated from the Roman Castellum "Fectio" (now "Vechten"). What a surprise, what a wonderful feeling. Indeed, a special blessing!   bvc

MotherGoddes ("Magna Mater") Cybele from Fectio, sitting on Her throne, with Her left hand on the head of a lion.
(Centraal Museum, Utrecht)

A Roman lime watch tower from Fectio

Some potteries (oil lamps)

Some potteries

Current hamlet "Vechten"

"The Mother Heals!"
(For all those who seek Support,

Healing and Guidance)
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"Die Mutter Heilt!"
(Für alle die Unterstützung,

Heilung und Führung suchen)
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