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Being Nothing, you are everything!

It happened in 1977
In that garden...
Suddenly and totally unforseen
Through a supernatural Lightning
My entire existence was wiped out
Nothing left but Absolute Nothingness
...The Vacuum, the Cosmic Womb...
Immediately after "I" was dissolved
Into the Eternal Divine Light
Lasting the whole day
I Am THAT, everything transcending
Laughing. laughing, laughing...
And if this wasn't enough
That night I descended into the "Underworld"
Surviving it through sitting in Satori
For many hours
The next morning rising to a New Life
Deep within IT shouted for joy
The Cosmic Mother Revealed
HerSelf to me!

Together with Her Cosmic Forces of
Creation and Destruction...
Through the Grace of the Cosmos
I know the Origin of All, including God
And the universe
How incredibly blessed that I Am
Therefore, heed the Call of the Mother
"Give up your ego and you will be Renewed"
Awake to Cosmic Reality:
We are all part of the earth
The earth is part of the universe
The universe is part of the Divine
The Divine is part of the Cosmic Mother

Truly a New Step in Evolution
Hope for (wo)mankind

With Cosmic Compliments!




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